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Advantages of Certified Mail

Certified mail label is a special kind of service that issues the sender with recipient proof that the sent mail has been delivered to its intended address. A signature from the recipient is required for confirmation procedures. In case of any misfortune the mail is sent back to the sender. This is the best way of sending sensitive mails that require proof of delivery once they are sent.

Proof of mailing is one of the common advantages of this service. In the traditional method, there is no guarantee that the mail will reach on time or even the required day, or even a sign that you even sent a letter in the first place, but with certified mail, all that is catered for since there is proof of records.

In a similar manner, there is evidence of delivery. Once the mail has been issued, the recipient is immediately required to leave a signature. This in the long run indicates a delivery documentation as well as a personal acknowledgement through the signature.

Keeping track of the mail is also another marvelous benefit of this service. Your clients or fellow employees can easily monitor how the mail is moving and even foresee when it should arrive. Other kinds of mails you will be required to pay extra to enjoy such privileges of tracking.

Location tracking is not all that is enjoyed as there is also prioritized delivery. Normally, the delivery time for this kind of mails is usually first class or under priority mails. Whichever the case, the certified mail sticker makes your mail get a higher priority. This simply means that your mail will likely arrive earlier.

There is safe keeping of records. It is vital to have documentation of the mails that you have sent including specific dates and times. But in case, you lose such information months or years later, your records will be retained by the post office. This is mostly vital when you are asked to issue out such information for legal reasons, as reports from a genuine and reliable office tend to make the given report more credible. Additionally, now that there is advancement of technology, you can easily get such information through the official website.

Finally, there were times when getting the certified labels was the biggest challenge. Nevertheless, currently, there are services that help create and print certified mailing label using your computer. This saves the time to visit the post office and wait in line for long just to get the labels.

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